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[12/12/2017] Protecting North Korean Refugees: Written Statement by Roberta Cohen, HRNK Co-Chair Emeritus
"PROTECTING NORTH KOREAN REFUGEES" House Foreign Affairs Committee Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations WRITTEN STATEMENT OF ROBERTA COHEN, CO-CHAIR EMERITUS, COMMITTEE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS IN NORTH KOREA (HRNK) ON “PROTECTING NORTH KOREAN REFUGEES” AT THE HEARING OF THE SUBCOMMITTEE ON AFRICA, GLOBAL HEALTH, GLOBAL HUMAN RIGHTS, AND INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS, DECEMBER 12, 2017  My appreciation to Congressman Christopher Smith and Ranking Member Karen Bass for holding this hearing to maintain a spotlight on North Korean refugees and their need for international protection. The world community’s preoccupation with massive movements of people fleeing war-torn countries has often overlooked the plight of smaller groups of refugees in desperate straits. The North Korean case is one such situation that should warrant international attention because of the extraordinary cruelty to which the asylum seekers and refugees are subjected. Unlike most governments, North Korea has made it a criminal offense to leave its country without permission, thereby preventing its citizens from exercising their internationally recognized right to seek asylum and become a refugee. Second, those who do try to escape face increasing obstacles -- electrified fences, enhanced border patrols, exorbitant bribes, and traffickers. Only 1,418 managed to reach South Korea in 2016. Third, if caught and returned, North Korean refugees are subject to systematic and brutal punishment, which the United Nations Commission of Inquiry (COI) has found to constitute crimes against humanity.[1]  Fourth, neighboring China collaborates with the DPRK in arresting and turning back North Koreans despite the abusive treatment they routinely suffer a
[12/12/2017] Protecting North Korean Refugees: Statement by Greg Scarlatoiu, HRNK Executive Director
"PROTECTING NORTH KOREAN REFUGEES" House Foreign Affairs Committee Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations Statement of Greg Scarlatoiu, Executive Director, Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK), on “Protecting North Korean Refugees” at the Hearing of the Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations, December 12, 2017  Good afternoon Chairman Smith, Ranking Member Bass, and members of the Subcommittee. Thank you for the invitation to testify before you today. It is a true honor and a privilege.   My name is Greg Scarlatoiu. I am the executive director of the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK). We are a nonpartisan research organization headquartered in Washington, DC that conducts original research on North Korean human rights issues. Over the last 16 years, we have published over 30 reports available at HRNK.ORG, documenting for the world the horrifying truth about the extent of human rights abuses in North Korea. Our work has played a central role in assisting and informing the efforts of the US State Department, the UN Commission of Inquiry, and numerous other stakeholders who care passionately about the rights of people in North Korea. Most recently, the report submitted by UN Secretary-General António Guterres to the UN General Assembly on August 28th quoted one of HRNK’s publications.   On behalf of HRNK, thank you for your time and interest in the plight of North Korean refugees, an ongoing human rights issue and crisis perpetuated by both North Korea and China today. The protection of North Korean refugees relates to fundamental human rights, human dignity, and state obligations under international law.   On the current situation of North Korean refuge
[04/29/2015] 북한의 강제 노동 사업: 정부 주도 하의 인신매매 시장 - 그레그 스칼라튜 사무총장
2015년 4월 29일 톰 란토스 인권위원회가 주최한 “북한의 강제 노동 사업: 정부 주도 하의 인신매매 시장”에 대한 청문회에 제출한 북한인권위원회 사무총장 그레그 스칼라튜의 서면 증언 피츠 의장님, 안녕하십니까. 북한인권위원회를 대표해서 북한의 강제 노동 시장과 북한 정부의 인신매매 가담 실태를 의장님과 논할 수 있도록 초청해주심에 큰 감사를 드립니다. 의장님과 이러한 주제들을 논할 기회가 주어진 것을 영광스럽게 생각합니다. 북한의 “궁중 경제” 북한의 핵·미사일 개발과 군사적 도발은 국제사회의 평화와 안보를 위협하고 있으며 미국의 외교·안보 정책에도 도전을 제기하고 있습니다. 북한 주민의 반대를 억누르기 위한 가차 없는 감시와 탄압, 국제사회로부터의 고립, 그리고 기본적 인권의 유린은 한반도의 평화와 안보를 약화하고 있습니다. 북한의 외화벌이 조직인 “궁중 경제”(미국 북한인권위원회 김광진 방문 연구원이 고안한 용어)는 북한 정권이 3대에 걸쳐 권력을 유지할 수 있게 해 준 수단입니다. 수만 명의 근로자를 해외로 파견해서 노동력을 수출하는 활동은 이 “궁중 경제”의 일부이며, 김 씨 정권을 유지하는 데에 중요한 역할을 하는 외화벌이 활동의 일부입니다. 이는 북한 국민을 대상으로 한 북한 정부의 인권 유린 사례 중 비교적 확연한 사례라고 할 수 있습니다. 해외 파견 근로자의 실태와 궁중 경제의 운영 원리를 이해하는 것은 북한 정권이 어떻게 생존해왔는지에 대한 이유를 더욱 정확하게 판단할 수 있도록 할 것입니다. 이는 또한 북한 정권의 안보 위협과 인권 유린에 대응하기 위한 더욱 효과적인 제재를 준비할 수 있게 할 것이며, 그럼으로써 북한의 인권 상황을 개선해 나아갈 수 있도록 할 것입니다. 증언 전문을 보고 싶으시면 위의 "PDF 다운로드"를 클릭하시길 바랍니다.
[03/05/2019] An Update on the Human Rights Situation in North Korea
Please RSVP by February 25, 2019.  Lea PEREKRESTS, Human Rights Without Frontiers. Presentation title: Defending Human Rights in North Korea at the United Nations: a year in review As the Deputy Director of HRWF, Lea Perekrests has worked on North Korean human rights issues for the past three years. She has specifically looked at the issue of North Korean overseas workers around the globe, presenting her research at Leiden University, the United Nations in Geneva, as well as in Brussels. Her knowledge expands regionally, as she has developed research regarding religious communities in China, South Korea, and South-east Asia. Created in Brussels in 2001, Human Rights Without Frontiers International (HRWF Int’l) is a non-profit association that seeks to shape European and international policy in ways that strengthen democracy, uphold the rule of law and protect human rights globally.  Greg SCARLATOIU, Executive Director of the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK) Washington, D.C. Greg Scarlatoiu is a visiting professor at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul as well as instructor and coordinator of the Korean Peninsula and Japan class at the U.S. State Department’s Foreign Service Institute (FSI).  Scarlatoiu is vice president of the executive board of the International Council on Korean Studies (ICKS). He has over six years of experience in international development, on projects funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, the World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank. For sixteen years, Scarlatoiu has authored and broadcast the weekly Korean language ‘Scarlatoiu Column’ to North Korea for Radio Free Asia. A seasoned lecturer on Korean issues, Scarlatoiu is a frequent
[02/22/2019] FEARPOLITIK: Kim Jong-un's Great Purge
The Committee For Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK) & the North Korea Strategy Center (NKSC) cordially invite you to: FEARPOLITIK:  Kim Jong-un's Great Purge Friday, February 22, 2019 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. National Press Club Holeman Lounge 529 14th Street, NW, 13th Floor Washington, DC 20045 The event will feature a new NKSC report, including a list of names and backgrounds of senior officials purged under the Kim Jong-un regime. AGENDA Speakers: KANG CHOL-HWAN Chairman, North Korea Strategy Center PETER LEE CEO, North Korea Strategy Center U.S., Inc. DAVID MAXWELL Senior Fellow, Foundation for Defense of Democracies Board Member, HRNK Moderator: GREG SCARLATOIU Executive Director, HRNK Lunch will be provided.  The event will be on the record.    RSVP Please email Rosa Park, HRNK Director of Programs, at with any questions or concerns.
[01/30/2019] Korea Club with Yonho Kim: North Korea's Mobile Telecommunications and Private Transportation Services in the Kim Jong-un Era
Dear Colleague: You are invited to the Korea Club event on Wednesday, January 30, 2019. The event will feature Mr. Yonho Kim, who will give a presentation entitled, "North Korea's Mobile Telecommunications and Private Transportation Services in the Kim Jong-un Era." The presentation is based on a paper recently published under the same title on HRNK Insider, available through the following link:  Yonho Kim is a Non-Resident Fellow at the Korea Economic Institute of America (KEI). He is a former Senior Researcher of the US-Korea Institute (USKI) at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and the former editor of the USKI Washington Review, a bi-weekly Korean report on current foreign policy developments in Washington with regards to the Korean Peninsula. Mr. Kim also manages projects on the North Korean political economy and is the author of “Cell Phones in North Korea: Has North Korea Entered the Telecommunications Revolution?” Prior to joining USKI, he was a Senior Reporter for Voice of America’s Korean Service, where he covered the North Korean economy, North Korea’s illicit activities, and economic sanctions against North Korea. From 2003 to 2008, Mr. Kim was a broadcaster for Radio Free Asia’s Korean Service, focusing on developments in and around North Korea and US-ROK alliance issues. From 2001 to 2003, he was the Assistant Director of the Atlantic Council’s Program on Korea in Transition, where he conducted in-depth research on South Korean domestic politics.  Mr. Kim holds a B.A. and M.A. in International Relations from Seoul National University, and an M.A. in International Relations and International Economics from the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced Inter
[12/19/2018] DENIED FROM THE START: Human Rights at the Local Level in North Korea by Robert Collins
AGENDA Author: ROBERT COLLINS Discussants: DAVID MAXWELL Senior Fellow, Foundation for Defense of Democracies Board Member, HRNK JUNG PAK Senior Fellow and SK-Korea Foundation Chair in Korea Studies, The Brookings Institution Moderator:  GREG SCARLATOIU Executive Director, HRNK The event will be on the record.    RSVP Please email Rosa Park, HRNK Director of Programs, at with any questions or concerns.
Please click here to view the conference brochure of the 2018 HUFS International Summer Session entitled "NORTH KOREAN HUMAN RIGHTS: DIPLOMACY, DOCUMENTATION, AND ADVOCACY" to be held at HUFS on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 from 17:30 to 19:30. 
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THE REPORT IS EMBARGOED UNTIL 12:01 A.M. EST WEDNESDAY DEC. 19, 2018. Denied from the Start: Human Rights at the Local Level in North Korea is a comprehensive study of how North Korea’s Kim regime denies human rights for each and every citizen of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). In doing so, this report examines human rights denial policies and practices. Local institutions are responsible for this denial at the schools, housing units, workplaces, and beyon

In this submission, HRNK focuses its attention on the DPRK’s—  1. System of political imprisonment, wherein a multitude of human rights violations are evidenced, including enforced disappearance, amounting to crimes against humanity.  2. Restrictions on freedom of movement, affecting women in particular, as evidenced in sexual violence, human trafficking, and arbitrary detention.  3. Policy of social and political discrimination, known as “so

From Cradle to Grave: The Path of North Korean Innocents
Robert Collins and Amanda Mortwedt Oh
Nov 13, 2017

이 보고서는  기존의 연구와 로버트 콜린스(Robert Collins)의 이전 저작들을 기반으로 정치범 수용소에 방점을 두고 북한 정권의 공포정치의 사상적 기반과 제도적 구조를 설명하고 있습니다. 어떻게 북한 당국이 끊임없이 세뇌교육, 감시, 처벌을 통해 개개인의 삶을 요람에서 무덤까지 통제하는지 간략한 개관을 제공하고자 합니다. 특히, 이 보고서는 다음 질문들에 답하고자 합니다: 어떤 사회 정치적 및 법적 역학이 개인을 정치범 수용소로 이끄는가? 어떻게 의심의 여지없이 죄가 없는 북한 주민들이 정권의 관점에서  범죄자로 보여지는가? 어떻게 김씨 정권에 충성을 보였던 북한 주민들이 결국 정치범 수용소의 이름 없는 무덤으로 내몰리는가? 누가 이런 판단을 내리며 누가 이를 강제하는데 책임이 있는가?

The Parallel Gulag: North Korea's
David Hawk with Amanda Mortwedt Oh
Oct 26, 2017

이 책에서 데이비드 호크(David Hawk)는 이전에는 본 적 없던 추정되는 그리고 확인된 노동 교화 수용소의  모습을 제공합니다. 그는 안전부(현 인민보안성)가 통제하는 감옥 네트워크에 대해 밝히고 있습니다. 이러한 폭로는 2014년 유엔 북한인권 조사위원회(COI)가 묘사했던 것보다 더 만연한 수준의 고통을 보여주고 있습니다. 이 노동 수용소가 “일반적인 감옥”이라고 묘사됨에도 불구하고, 이곳에 갇힌 이들의 처우 중 “일반적인” 것은 아무것도 없습니다. 수감자와 정치범 처우 사이에 다른 점은 단지 “정도의 차이일 뿐 원칙적으로는 같습니다. 강제 노동과 의도적인 굶주림, 부족한 의료, 열악한 위생 상태를 결합한 정책은 매년 수천 명의 수감자들의 죽음을 낳고 있습니다.”

North Korea Camp No. 25 Update 2
Joseph S. Bermudez Jr., Andy Dinville, and Mike Eley
Nov 29, 2016

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 9.0px Helvetica; color: #3f5864} span.s1 {font: 5.0px Helvetica} As part of a joint undertaking with HRNK to use satellite imagery to shed light on human suffering in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, more commonly known as North Korea), AllSource Analysis has been monitoring activity at political prison facilities throughout North Korea. This report details activity observed during the past

North Korea: Flooding at Kyo-hwa-so No. 12, Jongo-ri
Greg Scarlatoiu and Joseph S. Bermudez Jr.
Sep 16, 2016

The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK), a non-governmental organization based in Washington, DC and AllSource Analysis, a leading global provider of high-resolution earth imagery solutions, have conducted a satellite imagery-based rapid assessment of flood damage at Kyo-hwa-so No. 12, Jongo-ri in Hamgyŏng-bukto, North Korea. Thousands of political prisoners are held in this re-education prison labor camp together with common offenders.