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The Unrepentant Brutality of the Kim Regime
September 24, 2020

Earlier this week, agents of the Kim regime on a boat, all wearing gas masks, shot dead an unarmed 47-year-old South Korean government official floating helplessly in the water. They burned the body, under the pretext of COVID-19 prevention, reportedly pursuant to orders coming from the top of Korean Workers’ Party leadership. There is no other state that has cruelly taken an innocent life and burned the body to “prevent” COVID-19. As UN Commission of Inquiry Chair Michael Kirby stated in a letter addressed to Kim Jong-un, this regime commits crimes against humanity and abuses against its own citizens on a scale unparalleled in the modern world. Without human rights in North Korea, there is no safe place for Koreans living in the North or in the South. North Korean human rights are not solely a North Korean issue. This is a Korean issue, affecting Koreans living in the North and in the South. This is a global issue. Without human rights, there is no peace. Peace devoid of human rights would place all Koreans and many others in grave danger.

Greg Scarlatoiu

Executive Director

Embargoed until 12:01 a.m. February 25, 2021.  South Africa’s Apartheid and North Korea’s Songbun: Parallels in Crimes against Humanity by Robert Collins underlines similarities between two systematically, deliberately, and thoroughly discriminatory repressive systems. This project began with expert testimony Collins submitted as part of a joint investigation and documentation project scrutinizing human rights violations committed at North Korea’s short-

North Korea's Chŭngsan No. 11 Detention Facility
Joseph S. Bermudez, Jr., Greg Scarlatoiu, Amanda Oh, & Rosa Park
Dec 21, 2020

This report is part of a comprehensive long-term project undertaken by HRNK to use satellite imagery to shed light on human suffering in the DPRK (more commonly known as North Korea) by monitoring activity at political prison and detention facilities throughout the nation. This study endeavors to both establish a preliminary baseline report and detail activities observed during 2002–2020 at a detention facility variously identified by former prisoners and researchers as the “Chŭngsan No. 11

North Korea's Long-term Prison-Labor Facility Kyo-hwa-so No. 12, Jŏngŏ-ri - Update 3
Joseph S. Bermudez, Jr., Greg Scarlatoiu, Amanda Oh, & Rosa Park
Sep 30, 2020

The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK), a non-governmental organization based in Washington, D.C., has launched a report entitled North Korea: Imagery Analysis of Kyo-hwa-so No. 12, Jŏngŏ-ri - Update 3. The report methodology comprises satellite imagery analysis and former prisoner testimony. This kyo-hwa-so detention facility was first featured in the September 2015 report The Hidden Gulag IV: Gender Repression and Prisoner Disappearances by David Hawk. HRNK re


THE REPORT IS EMBARGOED UNTIL 12:01 AM FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2019THE REPORT IS EMBARGOED UNTIL 12:01 AM FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2019. Lost Generation: The Health and Human Rights of North Korean Children, 1990–2018 is a nearly thirty-year study monitoring the health and human rights conditions of North Korean children. “Health” is defined by the World Health Organization as a “state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of dis