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What People Say About HRNK

"Excellent documentation of Pyongyang’s camps."

- Anne Applebaum, Washington Post

"One of the prime places Obama could turn for help is the wildly under-appreciated Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, or HRNK. Based in Washington, and enlisting the help of hard-headed experts on both human rights and North Korea, HRNK’s small shop has turned out a series of landmark reports . . ."

- Claudia Rosett, Forbes

"A private, bipartisan group that is considered the leading American group on the issue."

- James Brooke, New York Times

"The leading North Korean human rights research and advocacy group based in America."

- Jason Lim, New York Times

"A bipartisan and secular group” and “a good place to start."

- Nicholas Kristof, New York Times

North Korea Imagery Analysis of Camp 16
Joseph S. Bermudez Jr., Andy Dinville, and Mike Eley
Dec 15, 2015

AllSource Analysis analyzed imagery of the North Korean political prison facility known as Camp 16 and its immediate environs using pan sharpened multispectral satellite imagery collected by DigitalGlobe and Airbus Defense and Space from April 2013 through January 2015. Also analyzed was a declassified KH-9 satellite image from October 1983. Imagery analysis helped determine the operational status of Camp 16 based on changes in the following f

North Korea Imagery Analysis of Camp 14
Joseph S. Bermudez Jr., Andy Dinville, and Mike Eley
Nov 30, 2015

As part of a joint undertaking with HRNK to use satellite imagery to shed light on human suffering in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, more commonly known as North Korea), AllSource Analysis (ASA) has been monitoring activity at 

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